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Is My Privacy Protected with IPVanish?

IPVanish VPN is a premium provider of anonymous, secure, and encrypted browsing. IPVanish clearly states that it does not log any traffic, collect any data, or monitor the activity of users on any platform. All that you need to create an account at IPVanish VPN is an active email address and an active payment method. Of course, it may be necessary for subscribers to provide additional information such as a valid residential address for billing purposes. IPVanish makes it easy for users to opt out of website cookies by providing quick links to disable third-party pixels on sites like Twitter, New Relic, Google Analytics, Google Ads, Facebook, and Bing.

IPVanish requires a bare minimum of personal data for the purposes of processing accounts, analyzing usage, communicating with subscribers, and troubleshooting. However, subscribers can easily opt out of promotional emails. IPVanish is actively engaged in fraud detection and fraud prevention. To this end, the order process will collect and store specific data about visitors. The data collected by SiftScience is then analyzed to ensure that no fraudulent activity is taking place. It is interesting to point out that we found no evidence of how IPVanish VPN behaves in the event of a subpoena for information.

We turned our attention to the company’s base of operations. IPVanish is based in Florida, USA. It is therefore fully compliant with the US authorities and has to abide by court orders and subpoenas for information. Since the US is part of the 5 Eyes alliance (along with New Zealand, Australia, Canada, and the UK), data is shared between these countries. Multilateral UK/USA agreements necessitate joint cooperation in human intelligence, military intelligence, and signals intelligence. From this perspective, your data can be shared with any of these countries if a court order has been issued. Further, if IPVanish complies with a court order on criminal suspicion, you will not be given notice thereof.

On the plus side, IPVanish VPN features a kill switch. If you open up the menu bar, the kill switch will be listed as the final option under active protocols. By checking the box, you can enable the kill switch. The kill switch maximizes your privacy and your anonymity whenever your internet connection is interrupted. It automatically kills your connection without exposing your true IP address. The kill switch is fully enabled for Windows and Mac operating systems. Were it not for the 5 Eyes alliance, IPVanish would be a serious contender for best-in-class for user privacy.  IPVanish features 40,000+ shared IP addresses across 1300+ VPN servers, in 75 countries. You are assured of military grade encryption with 256-bit AES technology, zero-traffic logs, SOCKS5 web proxy, and many other powerful security features.

How Much is IPVanish? Is There a Free Trial?

Source: IPVanish Pricing

IPVanish fits snugly in between the top VPN providers in terms of pricing. It is not the cheapest, but it's certainly not the most expensive premium VPN service. The 1-month cost is $10 per month, the 3-month cost is $8.99 per month ($26.99 billed every 3 months for overall savings of 25%), and the 1-year plan is priced at $6.49 per month. The annual plan is billed at $77.99, with overall savings of 46%.  We found it particularly interesting that there is no mention of a 31-day money-back guarantee on any of the plans. Upon further investigation, our experts uncovered a risk-free money-back guarantee listed on the ‘Free vs Paid’ page of IPVanish. If you're not 100% satisfied with your subscription, your payment will be refunded to you in full.

There is also a 7-day money-back guarantee, although this is not listed alongside the plans, or payment information.

Source: IPVanish Free vs Paid VPN

The 3-step process requires you to simply choose your plan, create an account, and select the payment method. The entire process shouldn't take more than three minutes. Note that IPVanish does not provide subscribers with the option of cryptocurrency payments. You will, therefore, have to provide your name and address for billing purposes.

Source: IPVanish Plans and Billing

If you delay while selecting a plan, you will be offered a discount on IPVanish subscriptions – as seen below.

Other leading VPN providers are priced as follows:

ExpressVPN – the 1-month plan is $12.95 per month, the 6-month plan is $9.99 per month, and the 12-month plan is $8.32 per month.

PureVPN – the 1-month plan is priced at $10.95 per month, the 1-year plan is priced at $3.33 per month, and the 2-year plan is priced at $2.88 per month.

RUSVPN - the 1-month plan is $9.99 per month, the 6-month plan is $6.99 per month, and the 1-year plan is $4.99 per month.

*Each of the above plans comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee or a 31-day money-back guarantee.

IPVanish Speed Test

IPVanish VPN speed tests will yield different results for different users. Your point of departure is your ISP (Internet Service Provider) speed without a VPN. Speed issues can be solved in several ways, notably shortening the distance between your location and the server you are connecting to. Generally, a local server offers quicker speeds (download and upload) than a remote server. Other issues include the distance between the IPVanish VPN address you are using and the exit node you are logging into.

The shorter the distance between those two points, the quicker your internet connection. Several other issues also come into play such as the number of people currently logged on the server at any given time, and the rout that your device server or the IPVanish server must take to complete your internet request. Subscribers can easily switch between servers for improved performance. Sometimes, slow speeds can be corrected by changing the protocol that you are using. Certain websites may block specific protocols on the network. In any event, it is possible to manually select the server with the lowest overall load, smallest ping time, and best connectivity.

How is Customer Service at IPVanish?

Source: IPVanish Twitter

IPVanish is transparent when it comes to providing company contact information. The telephone number is +1-800-591-5241. Customer service representatives work between the hours of 9 AM and 5 PM CT, from Monday through Friday. Subscribers can easily get in touch with the customer service representatives via the live chat function powered by Zendesk. The contact us button at the bottom of the page links you to the ‘Submit a Request’ page.

Source: IPVanish Facebook

You simply choose the type of issue you are experiencing, complete the rest of the form, and direct your query to the relevant department. The customer service representatives offer prompt and professional assistance to registered subscribers. We tested each of the support options at IPVanish VPN, including the Zendesk chat, the submit a request, and the toll-free telephone number. We were satisfied with the responses to our questions in all instances. IPVanish VPN features dedicated social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, and there's an active community of users online.

The email address for questions, queries, or comments it's: [email protected]

Features of IPVanish

Source: IPVanish Features

IPVanish truly offers a full suite of added extras for subscribers. These include end-to-end encryption for all devices including Mac operating systems, Windows, Android, and iOS devices. IPVanish VPN is fully compatible with Fire TV, Windows Phone, Linux, Chromebook, and Routers. Subscribers can also enjoy Kodi VPN. With an estimated 40,000 shared IP addresses across 1300 servers in 75 locations, IPVanish ranks among the most impressive VPNs.

With IPVanish, users can enjoy uninterrupted access to YouTube, WhatsApp, WWE network, Spotify, Sling TV, MLB TV, NBC sports, Skype, HBO, Google, ESPN, Crunchyroll, CBS sports, BBC iPlayer, Netflix, Hulu and more. One feature sets IPVanish apart from most others: it allows up to 10 simultaneous connections on multiple devices. The majority of other VPNs allow 5 or 7 simultaneous connections, not IPVanish.

Source: IPVanish VPN for Kodi

Unlimited IP switching, unlimited bandwidth, anonymous torrenting, full access to censored websites and government-blocked apps, unlimited server switching, and unlimited bandwidth are guaranteed with this VPN service. IPVanish works well with Kodi and allows you to access all add-ons, with maximum privacy and security in place. It also helps to prevent ISP spying and is a zero-traffic logs provider. With Kodi, IPVanish allows you to circumvent censorship, protect your Wi-Fi hotspot connection, and maintain ironclad identity protection at all times.

The signup process for IPVanish is relatively straightforward. You begin by choosing 1 of 3 plans, create your account, and select your payment method. The entire process shouldn't take more than 3 minutes to complete. Once you have installed IPVanish VPN, you can simply open the application and start using it. The kill switch should always be turned on to prevent any security leaks of your IP address if the internet connection is interrupted.

How Safe is IPVanish?

Safety and privacy go hand in hand when you are evaluating the quality of a VPN service. From a safety perspective, IPVanish passes with flying colours. It features 256-bit SSL security with AES encryption. That means that it offers bank-level security of all your personal information. Further, it has a strict no-logs policy in place. This means you can enjoy anonymous torrenting, unlimited P2P traffic, and access to any number of restricted sites.

Various protocols are available such as OpenVPN, LT2P/IPsec and IKEv2. These allow you to change your connection protocols to the VPN server at IPVanish to allow you to access blocked content. IPVanish features 40,000+ shared IP addresses on 1300+ servers across 75 countries and jurisdictions. This means that it is highly unlikely that your content will be flagged as coming from a VPN.

From a privacy perspective, IPVanish is hamstrung by the 5 Eyes multilateral agreement of shared information. IPVanish must comply with US subpoenas for records. Provided you're not engaging in fraudulent activity, there is no reason to be concerned about government overreach. At the time of writing, there was no evidence of DNS leaks, WebRTC leaks, or vulnerabilities with Mac operating systems and Windows operating systems.

Bottom Line

IPVanish offers a complete package of services for subscribers. There is a 7-day money-back guarantee, but there are no options for 30-day money-back guarantees on any of the plans. It is comfortably priced within the acceptable range, although it certainly isn't the cheapest VPN service. IPVanish is based in Florida, meaning that this company is governed by the laws of the United States of America. The company must comply with subpoenas and requests for information. It is interesting that the privacy policy makes no mention of this, but it is our duty to inform you how these things work. If you can overlook the 5 eyes aspect, IPVanish is a feature-rich option for users.

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User Comments

This VPN is truly the fastest I have ever used. More so the upload speed was just wonderfull.
When my friend told me about it, I didn't believe. However, when I used it everything was just too simple and clear. It is an awesome vpn.
Download and Upload Speed: Despite the speed of IP Vanish, On very many occassions the download and Upload speeds vary so much. The variation is very high.
Since VPN is based in the US, privacy is an issue from time to time. This maybe as a result of the strict laws in the US. The VPN should guarantee us full and secure privacy.
IPVanish offers a kill switch feature. This ensured that my identity and details remained anonymous. It is a great deal.
The fact is that there is no live chat or email feature. Even with the so called support form, the response time is in adequate. Something should be done as soon as possible.
As much as the IPVanish VPN has a strong privacy policy It is clear that the they collect some account information are collecte to process payments.
IP Vannish is the best. With its efficient features, amazing security and the affordable price, it is just wonderfull.
The customer support features are not up to par. More should be done . The only support system offered by IPVanish is their online request form.
IPVPN the most presentable and straight forward VPN. The Vpn is of high quality and also easy to navigate.
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